To participate in the re-enactment you must be juried and have filled out the appropriate paper work including registration forms and waivers. In addition to the general guidelines below - see also specific clothing guidelines (above) for your specific persona.

General Guidelines

There will be two camps set up: one for the Native re-enactors,
and another for settlers and militia.
There will be an area designated for horses.
The only other animals permitted will be Disability Service Animals.

An Authenticity Committee comprised of five members of the Painted Stone Settlers group will inspect your appearance, camp, and accouterments. Once inside the park, you are in the 18th century. All items are required to reflect this philosophy. This is a weekend event, so please remain in period clothing at all times.

There will be a special section for authors and guests - not in 18th century garb.

In the 18th century section: All items used or sold must be authentic to the 1750-1781 period. This includes clothing, camp furnishings, guns, knives, footwear, hats, baggage, eating utensils, etc. No bamboo flutes, toy swords, toy hatchets, or pop-guns are allowed for sale.

18th century eyewear is preferred. Sunglasses to only be worn only if medically necessary. Men's clothing allowed includes typical colonial apparel (see settler/militia, longhunter, native guidelines for specifics). No modern calico prints, long fringed buckskins, "Mountain man" clothing, or western clothing to be worn at the event.

Women's clothing allowed includes colonial style apparel (see settler and native guidelines for specifics). Jewelry and makeup should be kept to period appropriate styles. No modern style printed fabrics. Footwear allowed includes 18th century style shoes and moccasins. The following are not allowed: Dyer footwear, Poppen moccasins, "Mary Jane's" or Chinese slippers.

Shelters accepted include simple lean-to's, marquee, wedge, wall tents and eastern woodland Indian shelters. All coolers and other non-period items are to be covered up and/or kept out of sight. No food or drink consumed by re-enactors is to be served unless you have 18th century style dishes to place it in. Bring along your cup and plate or trencher. No enamelware or speckelware allowed. No cigarettes or brown cigar-like cigarettes are allowed at any time while you are in period clothing.

Cameras and video recording devices should be used discreetly while in period clothing. No flash photography after dark. A concession stand will be available for the public. Re-enactors should use period gear.

All Shelby County Parks rules and regulations apply. Please do not cut any live trees or shrubbery. Clean straw will be available for bedding, and seasoned firewood will be available for fire pits. Please leave unused firewood for future events. Campfires must be in a pit, and attended at all times. Be sure to keep a quantity of water near by for emergency use. Porta-johns, potable water, and will be available at the site.

Showers for campers will be available at a separate park site.

 The only loading or firing of firearms will be during the battle. No loading or firing is allowed in camp.

It is the responsibility of all traders and possessors of FUR, CLAWS, FEATHERS, ETC. to confirm the compliance of your goods with Kentucky State and Federal laws. Gate hours: 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Friday through Sunday. If you need to arrive at a time outside standard gate hours, please let us know, so we can make special arrangements. All re-enactors must check in at the gate upon arrival. Please unload your vehicle(s) and then park your car in a designated parking area. One hour will be allowed for vehicles to remain in camp, however no vehicles are to be in the encampment areas between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. These are the hours when the public will be visiting the encampments, and it is our goal to present as accurate a picture of life on the frontier in the later 18th Century as possible.

Also, if you will be arriving during the day on Friday, please be aware that there will be school children attending during classroom hours, and we would like to keep vehicles out of the encampment during these hours as well (9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)

Camp rules will be strictly enforced. Violators will be asked once, told once, and then escorted from the camp upon the third violation. If you see something wrong, either make it right or seek immediate assistance to make it right. You do not need to wait for an event coordinator or captain of the guard. Please leave your campsite looking better than it did when you arrived. Fill in your fire pit before you leave.


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