Pioneer Day Camp Scavenger Hunt
 September 8, 2017

Although every class may not have a chance to visit each station, if you brush up on your pioneer skills you may be able to answer these questions about everyday life on the frontier:

      Survival Skills: 

  • What items were needed to start a fire?
  • Name something besides currency that was used as a trade good.
  • What animal was used to carry supplies or hides?
  • Who provided defense on the frontier?
  • Name one item the blacksmith made.
  • This instrument provided protection and was used for hunting game.
  • She was taken as a young girl at the battle of Fort Ruddles.
  • A popular gun of the time period.  (Hint:  it is not short). 
  • If you got sick, you might want to make a concoction of this to help you feel better.

      Home & Hearth:

  • This material was used to make linen clothing, twine and rope. 
  • What was used to weave cloth?
  • What type of natural materials were used to dye wool?
  • What was the name of a period tool used for producing strips or bands of hand woven warp-faced cloth?
  • This trade could be a source of income for women.
  • Every country has one of these.
  • Another word for “beliefs” or “traditions”.

  • In the colonial period, this person was known as a street entertainer-he could probably pull a rabbit out of his hat.
  • What is the term for oral history (or spinning a good yarn)?
  • Martha and George Washington probably played this game when they were children.

      Native Ways:

  • An ancient weapon made of stone and wood? (Hint:  hold onto your scalp)
  • Name a tribe of Native Americans that were found in Kentucky at this time-together, they were know as Eastern Woodland Indians. 
  • Sometimes white captives were made to run the _____ ?
  • What country did the Native Americans side with during the Revolutionary War? 


      People of Painted Stone Station:

  • Who founded Painted Stone Station?
  • It took several people to operate this eighteenth century weapon.
  • What year was Painted Stone Station attacked?
  • Women and young girls wore this on their head.
  • Young colonial boys, and men, wore this type of shoe.
  • Answers will be posted online after the School Day Program is completed.  Answers can be found by listening to the station demonstrators, on the Agenda, on the Pre-Field Trip Activity and Post-Field Trip Activity. 

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