Clothing Guidelines for Painted Stone Settlers  (male)
(Settlers, militia, and longhunters)

This is a list of guidelines that we would like everyone to follow  for the Painted Stone Massacre Reenactment. We are trying to portray men who  lived in the colonial frontier between the years of 1750 and 1781. With a  particular focus on those individuals living near the Falls of the Ohio and its  surrounding stations, settlements, and haunts.


Linen, wool, cotton material, white or natural  color (preferred), checked or colored, ruffles at neck and cuffs if you are  portraying a man of means.

Hunting Shirts:

Mid-thigh to knee length, linen, wool or  cotton, dyed or undyed, fringed or unfringed.


Colonial buckle shoes (buckles or simple  laces), moccasins (center seam), colonial boots (rare on the frontier), barefoot  (always fun).


Fall or French Fly patterns, linen, cotton,  wool, or leather material. No suspenders should be visible.


Same materials as above, no major  decorations.


1750-1780 lengths (mid thigh to just below  waist)


Civilian or cast off military (1750-1780  styles).


Wool or cotton.


Tricorns, flat brim, Ranger "jockey hats",  scarves (black or red preferred), no "coonskin with tail" hats.


Heavy linen, cotton, wool, or leather; side  seam; either stitched or buttoned up; length varies depending on style (no full  leg leggings).

Belts, straps, bags, and sashes should be of  vegetable, brain, or oil tanned leather with brass or iron buckles appropriate  to the period and local. Avoid chrome tanned (Cheetos colored) commercial  leather.

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