The Painted Stone Settlers, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the research, preservation and authentic presentation of the lifestyles, skills, traditions and events experienced by the men and women of the Kentucky frontier in the later 18th Century. This group was formed out of the desire and need to recreate historic events from the early history of Kentucky and the American Revolution.

We are a group of re-enactors endeavoring to accurately emulate both daily life and the remarkable events, which shaped the history of frontier Kentucky. By utilizing a combination of lifestyle interpretations and “first person”  impressions of civilian, militia and American Indian personas, types of dress, food ways, arts, crafts, trades, frontier and domestic skills and re-enactments of specific events, we attempt to educate ourselves and others in a unique and exciting way by visiting another place and time.

We expect all members to comply with our philosophy of a dedicated pursuit of authenticity. There is assistance available to new members in the forms of loaner garb and equipment, as well as advice and assistance in the actual production of garb and equipment. Each new member will have a mentor. We encourage all new members to ask questions and all members (new and old) are encouraged to share discoveries made in research.

Likewise, we expect all individual and family members to participate regularly in the activities of The Painted Stone Settlers, including but not limited to: regular monthly meetings, “demos,” and paid events hosted by other groups or historic sites. Failure to participate regular may result in the loss of membership.

It is our goal to present frontier life in Kentucky in as authentic a manner as possible, and in so doing, to instill in others knowledge of and appreciation for our rich local history.


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Patron Members are those who wish to pay individual or family dues or otherwise financially support the Painted Stone Settlers, Inc. but due to distance or other situations are not able to attend meetings and activities as required of regular members. Patron members need to indicate on application a Patron membership status. Patron members are not counted in the determination of a quorum. When able to attend general membership meetings, patron members have both a voice and a vote as long as they are at least 18 years of age.

Please print and  fill out the above application. Mail with mebership dues to
The Painted Stone Settlers, Inc.
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